Next chapter in web design? October 25, 2016

I've renewed my domain today, and now to apply to a host for hosting! This will be the first time I'll be paying for a host myself and be able to manage my sites myself, so I'm pretty excited! The next chapter in my career, having a hosting plan for myself and being able to create the sites I need when I need them! ^__^

Ahh, school, you've taken my soul... September 14, 2016

School has been hectic! I've finally gotten a little time to work on some of the sub sites of missing-nin, which aren't available through my actual domain, since subdomains have been giving my host problems, haha! So, I've been working on Kingdom of Fiore bit by bit on a temp site while I'm trying to work through projects in school. Being a web design & development student is hard work!

Summer classes are hard! August 19, 2016

Been getting through a web development class this summer, learning lots of things to improve my websites! The class is a tough one, but it's definitely worth learning the scripting and such! Projects that we've done so far are: a javascript slideshow & a collapsible sidebar!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... July 25, 2016

Missing-nin was in need of a layout change. I adored the Totoro one, but unfortunately it was lost in changing hosts, so, instead of trying to recreate it, I decided to upload a new one! I really like the black and white theme I tried with this, especially with the bits of bright colors to balance it out! Plus, Uta is so pretty in this picture...