Missing-nin.org About the Domain

Missing-nin.org came from my obsession with Naruto and the missing ninjas. I'm a huuuge fangirl of Zabuza of the missing-nin, so I guess this is my little tribute to him! ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) So, why isn't Zabuza featured in the layout, you ask? Well, I have other things I love and want to show off as well, of course!

The domain was created on November 6th, 2014, and was registered through NameCheap. Since then, it's been my little place on the internet to expand my skills!

About the Layout Version Info

You're viewing the second version of this website, titled “Beautiful Death”. The layout features Uta from Tokyo Ghoul, covered in extremely bright colored flowers. This image gave me the perfect balance of black and white, with some color mixed in, to create an awesome black and white schemed layout. Throw some more flowery goodness in there for good measure, and you come out with a pretty image to use~

As for resources used, Uta's image was created by 大和撫彦, and was extracted by Celestial Wizzard, the rose wings and antlers were extracted by Family Renders, the fish were extracted by Keary23, and the blue flowers were extracted by Know-chan. The image on the about page was created by NOPPO, and the image on this page was rendered by Prince Dork. The pattern used is from Subtle Patterns.

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