The Ninja's Network Active Sites

Below, you'll find all the websites that make up the Missing Ninja Network; current and upcoming online trading card games, graphics sites, fansites, character shrines, etc. Feel free to take a look through them and enjoy! ** Please note, I'm working to get my websites back up, so if you click on a link and it's broken, that's why! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Crystal Bearer

Crystal Bearer is my online trading card trade post. I'm addicted to collecting tiny cards with cute things on them! I'm on my second restart with this trade post, since I lost my previous two hosts. Ah well, fresh starts are always good once in a while! I'll be trying to rejoin everything with the name Kupo, since it's my nickname, kupo!

Come, join the dark side, and collect cute tiny cards too! We have cookies! (^▽^)ノ

Upcoming Projects Idea Stage...?

These are ideas for possible upcoming projects. There is no set date on when these might emerge into the world, but I'd like to get them done and running sometime in the future! Hover over the images to see what they are!