the missing ninja network


You're viewing the third version of missing-nin.org, simply titled "Royalty and Loyalty". The layout header features Noctis Lucis Caelum & Lunafreya Nox Fleuret from the video game, Final Fantasy XV. I recently finished the game and absolutely fell in love with the story and the characters, so I wanted to make something to show my appreciation for the game! It's a very simple layout, but I wanted to stick with a clean black and white theme for Noctis & Luna, with a few extra colors sprinkled in here and there.

The header image is an original Square Enix artwork, while the background patterns are from Subtle Patterns. The ripped paper texture and CSS to utilize it was found in this answer on StackOverflow, and then edited by me to fit this layout. The fonts used in this layout are Glegoo, Zilla Slab, Cattie, Medici Text, Cappuccicons & FontAwesome. I also thought I would give GTLWEB's tooltip script and Fancybox's lightbox/modal script a try, instead of using the ones built into Bootstrap. The cursor is from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, and rotated by me to use as a custom cursor. Affiliate images are from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, found on FFBEGIF, and edited to be 2x the original size. Finally, the layout was fully coded in Sublime Text 3. Any resources I forgot will be listed here. Phew. (; ̄Д ̄)

The Kingdom

Missing-nin.org was registered on November 6, 2014 at Namecheap, and is currently hosted at DreamHost. It's the third domain I've ever owned, and I'm proud to have kept it alive so long!

The name Missing-Nin came from my fascination with Naruto and the missing ninja, Zabuza. Well, all the missing ninjas really, but him especially. I didn't have a specific idea in mind when I registered this domain, I just thought the name sounded really cool.

The entire purpose for this domain is to showcase and expand my abilities with HTML/CSS, PHP & JS all while creating something to show my love for my favorite things!

The Princess

Around the web, I'm known as Kupo, a thirty-something ISFJ American living somewhere on the northeast coast. I'm a cat-mom to my boyfriend's cat, and my sweet angels. I really enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games! Sometimes, I even like to sew things and cosplay as characters I like!

I began coding and designing websites in 2004, through Neopets and a web design class that I took in high school. My first website was an Inuyasha fansite, which went offline shortly after it opened. I'm pretty fluent at HTML/CSS, and slowly teaching myself javascript & PHP!